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Procedure Text

A.     Definition

Procedure text is a text that tells the reader how to do or make something with these steps. It explains how people perform different processes in a sequence of steps. The information presented this text uses simple present tense, often imperative sentence. It also uses the conjunction of time as the first, second, then, next, finally, etc.

Prosedur teks adalah teks yang memberitahu pembaca bagaimana melakukan atau membuat sesuatu dengan langkah-langkah. Ini menjelaskan bagaimana orang melakukan proses yang berbeda dalam urutan langkah-langkah. Informasi yang disajikan teks ini menggunakan simple present tense, seringkali kalimat imperatif. Hal ini juga menggunakan conjunction waktu sebagai yang pertama, kedua, kemudian, selanjutnya, akhirnya, dll.

        B.   General Structure of Procedure Text
·         Goal
·         Materials (not required for all procedural texts)
·         Step (action to be taken)

·         Tujuan
·         Material (tidak diperlukan untuk semua teks prosedural)
·         Langkah langkah (tindakan yang perlu diambil)

        C.    Language Features
·         Use of imperatives (e.g.: cut, don’t mix)
·         Use of action Verbs (e.g. : turn, put, mix)
·         Use of adverbial phrases (e.g. : for five minutes, 2 centimeters from the top)
·         Use of connectives (e.g. : first, then, finally, …)

·         Penggunaan imperatif (misalnya: dipotong, tidak mencampur)
·         Penggunaan Verbs action (misalnya: gilirannya, menempatkan, mencampur)
·         Penggunaan frase adverbial (misalnya: selama lima menit, 2 cm dari atas)
·         Penggunaan connectives (misalnya: pertama, kemudian, akhirnya, ...)

        D.    Example of Procedure Text
                How to make avocado juice:
·         a piece of avocado
·         a half glass of water
·         a glass of ice pack
·         a spoon of sugar
·         First, peel the avocado and clean it
·         Next, cut the avocado into pieces and put them into the juicer
·         Then, put the water, ice and sugar
·         After that turn on the juice and wait about 15 seconds
·         Finally, pour the avocado juice into the glass and ready to drink
        E.     Example Of Question About The Text
                Pineapple Stew
                1 pineapple cut into dices
                3 glasses of water
                1 glass of granulated sugar
·         Boil water until boiled.
·         Then add sugar, cinnamon, and clovers.
·         Bring it to boil and add the pineapples.
·         Wait until you can smell the pineapple.
·         Remove from heat and serve cold.
1)      The recipe tells you how to make …
2)      What ingredients are needed to make pineapple stew?
3)      How much sugar do we need?
4)      When do we have to stop boiling the pineapple?
5)      How should you serve the pineapple stew?
1)      Pineapple stew
2)      Pineapples, water, sugar
3)      1 glass 
4)      When we smell the pineapple
5)      It is seved cold

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