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11 Aplikasi Keamanan Mobile Terbaik

Saat ini Handphone atau ponsel sudah sangat canggih dan bahkan fungsinya sudah hampir menyamai komputer. Masalah yang di temui di komputer pun mulai ditemui di handphone. Masalah tersebut seperti virus, pencurian data dll. Nah, berikut inilah daftar keamanan handphone yang terbaik.
Seperti dilansir ITPROPORTAL berikut inilah 11 aplikasi keamanan mobile paling baik:

Bitdefender Mobile Security
A lot of traditional security vendors simply port desktop security to the phone. Not Bitdefender. This app runs quietly in the background of your Android device, but offers only average virus protection according to independent labs You get what you pay for, I guess.

F-Secure Mobile Security 7.6
F-Secure offers top-notch mobile antivirus protection thanks to the boffins plugged in at the world renowned F-Secure Labs. It bundles parental controls and will appeal to parents of Android-wielding children. But there are slicker mobile security apps for adult consumers.

Lookout for Android
You can tell Lookout is the only mobile-only security company in this group. This well-designed app combines an appealing, made-for-mobile UI with powerful antivirus, remote controls, data backup, firewall, and app auditor.

McAfee Mobile Security 2.0
It’s an aggressive little app that alerts as frequently as a desktop antivirus, but McAfee Mobile offers powerful end-to-end protection. Bonus: unlimited cloud backup.

TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security 1.0.6 (for Android)
TrustGo features an excellent app meta-search engine that classifies millions of apps based on threat level, notably intrusive ad networks. This can help you decide which apps are safe to download. However, until I see better malware detection results, I can’t trust it to truly safeguard my Android devices.

ESET Mobile Security 1.1 (for Android) 
ESET Mobile Security for Android offers an impressive level of granular controls and some interesting features, like SIM card recognition, but lacks app auditing to inform you of excessive app permissions. If your greatest concern is theft, this is a good one.

LastPass Password Manager Premium
LastPass is both a free and premium password manager, and now Premium users can access their vault of encrypted passwords while browsing on an Android device. LastPass for Android features a LastPass browser built on top of the stock Android browser engine; Dolphin HD browser lovers can download a Lastpass plug-in.

K9 Web Protection Browser
The veteran in desktop Internet filtering just released its first Android app, a free Firefox-based browser that blocks malware and offensive content. Since it’s in version 1 it lacks a lot of the granularity of other parental control apps (for instance, you can’t select which categories to block), but if you don’t want to pay a dime this is one way to go.

NQ Mobile Vault
NQ Mobile Vault is an easy way to securely hide your most private photos, videos, text messages, and contacts, from snooping friends and lovers.

Norton Snap QR Code Reader
Yes, even QR codes can contain malware. If you snap a lot of them, or are curious to try, download this lightweight scanner that not only scans for fake, malicious bar codes, but also blocks malicious websites from automatically loading on your device.

Trend Micro Longevity Battery Saver (Beta) 
Trend Micro may be a computer security veteran, but it’s developed a free app that will extend your battery life by hours. It doesn’t actually add juice, it simply manages battery-draining switches. For instance, the “Just-a-phone” setting turns your smartphone into a dumb one (call/text only) and saves battery by turning off cellular and Wi-Fi connections and dimming your screen.

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